Memphis Blues Barbeque House

I am no stranger to Memphis Blues, in fact it is one of my favorite local spots. They are located throughout Greater Vancouver with one restaurant in Kelowna. I have had a link to their website on this blog since day one so if you want to know exactly where they are you should check it out. Let me start by saying if you are a vegetarian this is not a place you will enjoy. Memphis Blues is all about authentic southern barbeque, which is the art of smoking meat for hours at low temperature over hardwood. The result is the most tender meat you will ever eat. Ribs and pulled pork are the most common types of southern barbeque but I have to say that my personal favorite is brisket. Brisket is generally considered a poor cut of beef but when smoked properly is it amazing.

Oh ya, I love me some brisket!!!! I had the large sliced brisket sandwich with pork and beans and coleslaw. The bun was very fresh and the brisket was great as usual. It’s a pretty basic sandwich, bun, beef and BBQ sauce and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The beans are really tasty as well however I’m not too fond of their coleslaw, it always seems like it’s a day old which I hope isn’t the case.

So what is a place like Memphis Blues doing on the Canadian west coast? The whole story is on their website which I strongly urge you to check out. The short version is that the founder had a stop over in Memphis, tried a pulled pork sandwich and fell in love. How could you not fall in love with food this good?

If there is anyone out there who hasn’t been to Memphis Blues and you happen to like meat then you have officially dropped the ball. You have let me, your taste buds and everyone you know down. I’m not even sure why I still call you a friend, seriously. There is only one cure for your social and gastronomic screw up and that is to surrender to the gods of slow cooked meat. Make an appointment for some “me” time and get your pork on (or beef or chicken…) and then spread the joys of  southern barbeque with everyone you are “friends” with on Facebook or who follow you on Twitter or however you talk to your friends these days (I’m @whatsforlunchbc on twitter if anyone was asking…).

You can thank me later.


4 responses to “Memphis Blues Barbeque House

  1. I don’t care for the beans (too savory), or the slaw. The BBQ is crazy good, and their fries are incredible. They use some crazy all-dressed type spice on them.

  2. I friggen love Memphis Blues… Group of people and a pricilla platter = a good time.

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