Southpoint Station Pub

Southpoint Station Pub used to be a semi regular watering hole for my wife and I. Located at 3020 152 Street in Surrey (or South Surrey if you like) it opened up a few years ago and enjoyed being the new pub in a trendy, image conscious neighborhood, with full tables every night. The menu was diverse and offered some unexpected items such as Beef Wellington which was unbelievably good. Sadly this version of Southpoint Station Pub is no longer with us.  When you do business in this part of town you’re only on top until the next new shiny thing opens up somewhere near by and then you’re nobody.

The new shiny pub in town didn’t stop me and 2 of my boys from stopping at Southpoint for a beer and a bite after an exhilarating round of par 3 golf down the street an Meridian, one of the best par 3 courses in the city. We showed up there around 6:30pm on a Sunday and the place was a ghost town, there were 2 other tables with customers and 2 or 3 guys at the bar. Sunday usually isn’t a super busy night but seeing as Monday was a holiday I expected a few more people. The reason for this strange lack of customers would soon become very clear.

We ordered a pitcher of whatever was on special, Sleeman IPA I think? Whenever I go to a new place, especially a pub, I always order the clubhouse sandwich. If a pub can’t make a decent clubhouse I won’t go back. My sandwich arrived and I could tell just by looking at it that this would probably be my last visit to Southpoint Station.

The fries were good, that’s where the positivity stops. The clubhouse was dripping with mayonnaise, the tomatoes were over ripe, the bacon was chewy and the chicken was grainy and cold. I’m pretty sure the chicken is that pre-cooked stuff you can buy at the supermarket already cubed with “grill marks” included free of charge, gross. The rye bread was not rye bread, as much as the waitress wanted me to believe it was. Very disappointing to say the least. But that’s where the night really took a turn towards the truly absurd.

This next part of my story may go a long way towards clarifying the lack of customers at Southpoint Station, add it to the food and I wonder how they’re still open at all. There was a man sitting at the bar, roughly mid to late 40’s, alone, not ordering anything and chewing gum at a furious pace. He kept looking over at out table giving us the stink eye if you know what I mean. After about a half hour of this we decided to wave at him, thinking that maybe he wanted to come over and have a drink with us, which he did not. He proceeded to tell us he could “take all 3 of us” and that he wasn’t afraid of us(?). The waitress came over to apologize to us, saying he was a regular and had a bit of a temper. We asked why it seemed like he hadn’t ordered anything all night and she informed us that he hadn’t and was high on “something” which caused the afore-mentioned turbo gum chewing, you can do the math.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse the other 2 guys sitting at the bar hooked a Playstation 3 up to the TV behind the bar and began playing NHL 09, seriously, they started playing video games, the gum chewer included. I hope that the owners aren’t confused about why their business has declined.

The gum chewer got kicked out a short time later and the bartender came over to apologize to us for his behavior and the video games but it was too little too late.

Better luck next time.


3 responses to “Southpoint Station Pub

  1. Sounds like an entertaining evening! Now I know where to go if I wanna either get in a guaranteed fight or play PS3 at a bar!

    (Is there such a thing as Sleeman’s IPA?? If so, I want to try it)

  2. Maybe it was tweaker Sunday.

  3. I think every day is tweaker Sunday.

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