Panoli’s Pizza in Whistler

Did you ever have one of those nights where you knew that you had been drinking far too much to eat anything but your craving simply bullied your common sense to death? Unfortunately this happens to me on a semi regular basis, a little less now due to fatherhood, but every now and then the call of late night drunken food is too powerful to ignore.

There is only one acceptable choice for late night drunken food and that is pizza. Pizza rules and more importantly pizza places are the only places open when my beer fueled urges start. On a recent trip to Whistler I was told that Panoli’s was the place to be for late night pizza by my friend Bert who you may remember from last years Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar post. Bert spent a lot of time in Whistler giving them gas…and I trust his pizza judgement.

I use my Blackberry to make notes about places I eat and my notes on Panoli’s are EXACTLY as follows. “Super drunk. PiZza is awesome. Carnivore sPecial. Canadian ham, Italian Pepperoni and sausage, ground beef and smoked bacon”. That’s some world class note taking. So as you can see I had the Carnivore Special because there’s nothing like a triple bypass to end a night of drinking at Tapley’s in the Village. From what I remember the pizza was actually very good, good crust that wasn’t too thick, nice sauce, lots of cheese and, as you can see, copious amounts of meat. I ordered a medium, ate the whole thing and then had the worst sleep of my life. I don’t blame the pizza though, I’m fairly certain the beer had a hand in it as well. The picture at the top of my kick ass wooden glasses was meant to give a reference as to the size of the pizza but I think it really shows that there may have been a little too much grease in this pie, but I hear that’s good for the wood, of my glasses.

Next time you stay out WAY too late and drink WAY too much remember that pizza is the answer, I just don’t remember the question…and make sure they deliver or are within stumbling distance, it’s the right thing to do.



One response to “Panoli’s Pizza in Whistler

  1. I think I have to disagree. If it is after 3am, Denny’s is also an acceptable late night drunk food. Moons Over Myhammy……….puke..sleep. In that order. There is nothing that can re-create the sight of the sunrise coming through a none to clean Denny’s window.

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