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Dinner at Coast / O Lounge

After attending the grand opening for Glowbal Group‘s Black and Blue my dad and I were still hungry so we headed 2 doors down to Coast for some dinner. The food at Black and Blue was great but it wasn’t meant to be dinner, it was a party. Coast is also a Glowbal Group restaurant featuring a menu that’s mainly seafood. The restaurant was packed so we ended up at O Lounge, which is attached to Coast and offers the full menu.

We started with Lobster Claw Tempura that had spicy mayo and a green papaya salad with a soy-ginger vinaigrette. The green papaya salad was nice and the lobster wasn’t over cooked and was tasty with the spicy mayo but on their own they were quite bland. The claw meat was whole and looked great but this dish backs up my long term opinion that lobster is only as good as the condiment it is served with. Next we had the Buttermilk Battered Calamari with smoked garlic aioli (aka mayo). This dish was great, it was cooked perfectly, not rubbery and the rich buttermilk batter had some heat to it, really good.

For my main I had the Sablefish which came with some yummy polenta and steamed seasonal veggies. The fish was delicious, cooked very well and had that awesome buttery texture that Sablefish is known for. I love that the menu tells you where each fish is caught and by what vessel or person. My Sablefish was caught by the Miss Venus captained by Jay Gold. As a side I ordered the famous Glowbal Group Brussel Sprouts found at many of their restaurants. My dad isn’t a fan of Brussel Sprouts but one taste of these crispy parmesan and garlic balls of goodness and he was sold. There was a small incident involving the incredibly small table, my large plate containing my main course and some over exuberant utensil action that resulted in my entire entree ending up on the floor, but our servers were awesome and quickly had a fresh plate infront of me and the mess cleaned up!

Two Glowbal Group restaurants in one night? Life is tough…


Black and Blue Grand Opening Bash!

The Glowbal Group is Vancouver restaurant royalty and they’ve added another jewel to their crown with the addition of their 7th restaurant, Black and Blue, an ultra chic take on the classic steakhouse. Beef aged in a room with a wall made of Himalayan salt, a room with tobacco lined walls that smells incredible, large rooms for private functions and an impressive central bar are definite highlights of the posh design.

The quality of beef in the salt walled aging room is a carnivores dream, aged 28 days before it arrives and then dry aged and on display for all to see. The top of the line wagyu beef is the star of the show, the cattle is fed potatoes for a month to add flavor to the meat and it is very effective, creating a richness unmatched by other top grade beef. The event was fantastic and packed with the who’s who of Vancouver’s food scene. I can’t wait to return and sample the menu on a regular night!

Huge thank you to Emad Yakoub and Shannon Bosa Yakoub for inviting me to be a part of their opening, it was a great night. I’m also thankful I was able to share the evening with my father Dwayne. He’s been in the food business for years and I think he really enjoyed himself.

Check out the pictures!


What’s new?

This is content for the sake of content, and that’s ok. Sometimes I feel obligated to write just to fill the pages of this blog, also it keeps my readers engaged (I hope). There’s a few cool things on the horizon for yours truly and I’m gonna tell you about them!

First up is Glowbal Group‘s new “steak centric” restaurant, Black + Blue, which opens this weekend and I’ve been invited to the Grand opening on Friday. Located at 1032 Alberni st, This place looks incredible. It’s on one of the best streets in Vancouver for great restaurants, has a HUGE rooftop patio and is a steak house, win win win. I’m taking my dad with me to say thanks for introducing me to good food. He’s been in the seafood business as long as I can remember and I think he’ll really enjoy this event!

Next up is Movember!! I love growing a moustache and Movember gives me the added pleasure of raising money for a good cause, prostate cancer. Stay tuned to my twitter feed for details on how to donate and to track my little furry lip warmers progress. I’m thinking handle bars this year…thoughts?

Lastly I’ve been working on something kinda awesome and huge (that’s what she said). Ahem… Lyndsey and I are working on starting a charitable organization called the 93 Days Foudation, or simply 93 Days, to raise money for Variety BC. Our initial goal is to raise enough money to cover the cost of a new Issolette (incubator) for a local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Our daughters life was saved by this amazing piece of equipment and this is our way of giving back. That’s just the beginning, this is so important to us and we’ll never stop raising money. Stay tuned for the foundations webpage and upcoming events!!

Thanks for reading everyone, you guys are awesome!!


Booze Reviews, Oktoberfest Beers!!!

Ah October, Thanksgiving turkey dinners, food coma’s and Oktoberfest. Beer is a wonderful thing and having a 16-18 day festival to honor it sounds good to me. I’m going to introduce you to 2 beers today, one made specifically for Oktoberfest and another that is a Czech style pilsner.

First up is Surrey’s own Russell Brewing Company with another solid entry in their Brewmaster series, Russell Marzen. Marzen is a tradition Oktoberfest beer that’s been brewed since the 16th century in Bavaria. Russell’s take on this classic has all of the usual traits of a good “Dunkles Märzenwhich is amber to dark in color (amber in this case) with a rich malt flavor and a clean finish. The only major difference is this Canadian interpretation is decidedly more hop filled than the German marzen, which isn’t a bad thing. Once again the Russell Brewmaster series hits a home run. One minor quibble is the only size available is a 650ml bottle which makes it hard to get it in to restaurants that aren’t willing to put it on tap. This is an issue I have with the Brewmaster Series in its entirety, a missed opportunity.

Next up is the clean and refreshing Pilsner from Gordon Biersch in San Jose, California. an area know more for Silicon Valley than beer. This isn’t a typical west coast craft beer, there’s hops but not a lot and it is very easy to drink. It’s a great summer beer that can also hold its own on a cold fall night. You’ll notice in the picture that I picked up a five pack…ya ya someone was thirsty before picture time. This beer gets bonus points for being distributed locally by my pals at Beerthirst, you should check out the great stuff they’re doing for the local  beer scene.

Stop drinking crappy beer!!!! You have no excuse.


Chocolate Chip Cookies a la Rochele!

(My first guest post, I’m so excited!! Huge thanks to my pal Rochele for sending this my way! Enjoy everyone!! Scott.)

What’s up What’s For Lunchers!

I’m Rochele and I’m a huge fan of What’s for Lunch BC, and Scott Graham in general. While lying in bed tweeting my sorrows about being sick, Scott asked if I would like to contribute a recipe for the blog. I’m married but if I wasn’t, I’d definitely bake a batch of the following and take a plate of these with me on a first date. Also good for cheering up friends who are down, sucking up, saying sorry… the list goes on. Note that this makes quite a large batch of cookies, and they freeze really well if you can keep people out of the kitchen long enough to package them.

Chocolate Chip Cookies a la Rochele

Prep: 25 mins    Baking: 10-12 mins 375°F

It helps to have two or three cookie sheets for this recipe, but I have done it with just one in the past


1 cup/ 250 ml soft butter (room temperature is optimal)

1 cup/ 250 ml firmly packed golden brown sugar

½ cup /125 ml granulated sugar

2 eggs

2 tsp / 10ml vanilla extract

2 ¼ cups / 562 ml unbleached flour

1 tsp/ 5 ml baking soda

1 cup / 250 ml quick oats OR unsweetened shredded coconut

2 cups / 500 ml semi sweet or dark chocolate chips

Optional but highly recommended: 1 cup / 250 ml chopped walnuts OR shelled hemp seed


Preheat the oven at 375°F

In a large bowl combine butter, both sugars, eggs and vanilla and beat until the texture is creamy. In a separate bowl sift together the flour and baking soda, and gradually add to the wet ingredients, mixing with a wooden spoon until well blended. Mix in the oats or shredded coconut and the walnuts or shelled hemp seed if you like, and fold in the chocolate chips at the end.

Drop full tablespoons of batter on to the cookie sheet. The most I can fit on a cookie sheet is three rows of five otherwise they touch when they bake. Bake 10-12 minutes in the middle rack or until cookies are golden brown around the edges.

Remove from the oven and place cookies on a cooling rack.

Makes 48 cookies.

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Sammy’s Hot Wings

Sammy’s Hot Wings at 1773 Robson is one of those places that makes me smile when I walk through the door. A little run down, pictures of customers on the wall and quirky stuff like foreign money all over the place. The name of this place confuses me, as does the menu with everything from burgers and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches to house made falafels, middle eastern dishes and hot wings. Eclectic to say the least.

Trusting my gut and taking the mostly middle eastern money on the walls as a cue, I ordered the Chicken Shawarma plate. The chicken was good, the rice wasn’t over cooked, the salad was fresh and crisp but the star of the show was the humus. Seems strange right? Believe me, this is the best humus I’ve ever had, better than Nuba. Creamy, oily (in a good way) and garlic laden, it was awesome on the grilled pita bread that was also nicely seasoned. A really good lunch for under $10.

Sammy’s makes their own hot sauce which I’ve heard is quite good and can be purchased by the bottle. I feel like I need to try the wings now, and maybe the cheesesteak…. Go check this place out!!