Belle’s on Thirty Two

Tucked away in an part of South Surrey that most people have probably never been to, Belles on 32 is another hidden gem located amongst some amazing suburban properties. I found Belle’s on Twitter while looking for places to go visit on behalf of Beerthirst, it turns out my parents have been there and liked it a lot. I set up a meeting with General Manager Budd Kerfoot, rounded up some beer samples and headed to South Surrey.

After a nice meeting and a very well received beer sampling session, I decided to order dinner. I started with the Calamari which was nice thick strips cut from the squids mantle, the part that normally provides ring shaped calamari. The squid was cooked well, not rubbery and nicely seasoned. On the menu it’s called “Crisp Calamari” but the batter wasn’t really that crisp to be honest, not that it wasn’t good, just not crisp. The spring onion and garlic aioli was tasty and well suited for dipping.

For my main I had the Braised Shortrib Sandwich with Caesar salad. The sandwich was fantastic. The Shortrib meat was loaded with flavour and had obviously been slow cooked for a long time. The brioche bun it came on was awesome, dark and slightly crisp crust surrounding a pillow of airy bread, so good. It had white cheddar, arugula and garlic aioli on it as well, one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. The Caesar salad was very nice too, fresh lettuce,  a nice house made dressing packed with garlic and a little fresh squeezed lemon.

Budd and the rest of the staff at Belle’s are really nice people and they’re doing a great job in my favourite city. South Surrey is making some noise on the food scene these days, watch out Vancouver!

For the record, Belle’s paid for my dinner but that didn’t make it taste any better. It was already very good.


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