What’s For Lunch BC has teamed up with Beerthirst to tackle the job of transforming Vancouver’s restaurant culture into one that is craft beer inclusive. How many times have you gone to a restaurant with great food, a top quality wine list and hand crafted cocktails only to find the beer menu listing green bottled European imports as “premium beer”?

Beerthirst brings amazing craft beer from all over the pacific northwest and beyond to our fair city and now WFLBC is going to help bring these REAL premium beers to your favourite restaurants. Look out Vancouver, your beer’s about to get upgraded! WFLBC will also be telling you all about Beerthirst’s great craft beer events, attending and blogging/live tweeting them, trying to get you to come to them with me and reviewing some, if not all, of the terrific beers that Beerthirst brings to Vancouver.

You can check out their website at and you can follow them on Twitter @Beerthirst. We’ll keep you posted when there’s a new craft beer hotspot in town, where you can find these fantastic brews and if you know of a great restaurant, bar or anywhere that needs better beer feel free to let us know!

Also check out to keep up with Scott’s Craft Beer Quest!!

Cheers from Beerthirst and the WFLBC team!!

2 responses to “Beerthirst

  1. This is going to be FUN.

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