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Be’wiched Cafe

You guys know I like Surrey so it’s no surprise that when I find a hidden gem here I have to tell you about it. Be’wiched Cafe is a nondescript looking sandwich shop in a typical suburban strip mall, the same strip mall that houses Big Ridge Brewing Co. It’s modest appearance is in no way a reflection of the food.

I had heard about Be’wiched from a few people but mostly it was my cousin Kurt (author of the Bibo post) who kept telling me I had to go. I did and I’ll definitely be back. I ordered the Cubano Caliente, a spicy twist on the classic Cubano. It had roasted pork, ham, Swiss Cheese on pressed ciabatta. The classic Cubano has pickles but they were replaced by banana peppers hence the “caliete” (spicy) annotation. The pork was great, so was the ham. The bun was crisp and fresh, pressed just the right amount and just soft enough to not fall apart. The peppers added a nice little kick to this classic sandwich, it’s REALLY hard to find a good Cubano in the GVRD, this one might be one of the best.

The sandwich came with a side of Orzo salad which is made fresh, actually almost everything Be’wiched sells is house made, even their meats. The salad was a great version of a traditional pasta salad. I’m seriously impressed with this place.

I’ll be back soon to dig deeper into the menu, stay tuned for another post!

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Hilltop Diner Cafe

This place is so awesome!!! I could just post pictures and an address and be satisfied that you would go there but where’s the fun in that? Hilltop Cafe is a REAL diner, not a new restaurant made to look like a diner. This place has been here for over 65 years!!! It opened 5 years after Fraser Highway opened!! Fraser Highway used to be the major road in and out of town, there was no Trans Canada so this is classic roadside diner nostalgia at its very best. Located at 23904 Fraser Highway in Langley, I have driven past this place a thousand times on my way home from Abbotsford and I never even noticed it…shame on me.

The inside is just as old and cool as the outside, everything seems natural, nothing seems forced or like they’re trying to be something they aren’t. The menu is not overly large, just the right size so as not to get overwhelmed, with diner classics like hand made burgers, great looking sandwiches, big breakfasts and home made pies. The Hilltop is open 7 days a week from 8am – 2:30pm so make sure you don’t try and go there for dinner.

I had the “Kris’ BBQ bacon cheese burger”, a 5 ounce beef patty with processed cheese, Ennis Farms thick cut double smoked bacon, home made BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo. This is a messy burger but it’s damn tasty. The bacon is fantastic, thick and slightly crispy and the BBQ sauce is mild but adds nice flavor. The patty itself is thick and juicy, nicely seasoned and is obviously made of quality beef. The fries are hand cut and on their own are very good, thinner than what hand cut fries would normally be and a little more crisp. Of course I had them as Poutine and over all it was tasty but there were a couple small changes that would make it so much better. The cheese curds aren’t actual curds, they seem more like small chunks of mozzarella or another mild white cheese so they lack the salty rubbery gooeyness of traditional poutine. also the fries that are so good on their own are a little too thin and crisp for poutine, but I’m really stretching here to find something wrong.

My daughter had the kids meal grilled cheese sandwich and fries which she gobbled up, especially the fries and the staff were nice enough to bring her some toys and a coloring book with crayons to keep her entertained. This place is very kid friendly but they only have one highchair so if there’s another small child there you’re out of luck. Thankfully I had a portable booster seat that attaches to regular chairs in the trunk of my car!

The Hilltop Cafe is cool, it has everything you could ask for in a roadside diner plus great service. I didn’t have room for a piece of pie after finishing my meal but I will definitely return to try some and to dive into their breakfast menu. They also have a couple of HUGE burgers for the competitive eater in all of us, the biggest being the Everest Burger with 4 5oz patties, baked ham, farmers sausage, bacon, fried onions and mushrooms, 2 kinds of cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayo with fries. I just might recruit Al again for this one…