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What’s for Lunch Global: Shanghai Airport Edition

May I introduce a new guest blogger, Russ. This marks his “writing anything, ever” debut. He’s a systems engineer and he’s currently working abroad in China. His crepes are soooooo good he puts me to shame, I’m hoping he’ll do a guest post for those one day. Oh, and I’m married to him ūüôā

When in need of some fast food when I first arrived in China from Vancouver, I stumbled upon¬†a KungFu restaurant at the ShangHai Pudong Airport.¬† Intrigued, I thought I would try¬†it out,¬†as an alternative to vastly more accessible and familiar KFCs.¬†¬† If you have ever been in a lineup at fast food restaurant in China, you will know it’s not really a line up. When one person has¬†finished ordering everyone else tries to be the next person to order, and it can be a little¬†overwhelming if you find yourself at the front of the line and you¬†have not really¬†decided what¬†to order.¬†¬†You¬†are not allowed to take up space at the front of the line if you are not ready to order. ¬†Orderly line-ups just take too much time…¬† I found myself hastily pointing at a picture¬†of a meal¬†and ordering a beef rice bowl combo.
The beef and onion steamed rice bowl was decidedly satisfying.¬† It was served with a side¬†of boiled lettuce salad dressed¬†with slightly salty and vinegary dressing.¬† I had never had boiled lettuce before, but surprisingly, it was very tasty, and I definitely could have used a larger portion.¬† A cool lemon iced-tea drink was a good choice when the outside temperature was more than 35 degrees …. and to top it all off, a nice view of Bruce Lee… Going head-to-head with Colonel Sanders of KFC right next door.¬†¬†While you can find KFCs¬†in China like Starbucks¬†in¬†Vancouver, a rice bowl is nice change from chicken burgers and fries when you need something quick.¬† And I do mean quick.¬† My order was filled before I had even thought I finished deciding what¬†I wanted.¬† In fact I did change my mind once, and they quickly swapped what was on the tray in front of me.¬† The decor is like that of most fast food places, but with a nice inspiring Bruce Lee keeping watch.¬† So if you ever find yourself passing through the Shanghai Pudong international airport, take a short stroll to this restaurant section near the Maglev train station.¬† You’ll find 2 KFCs, and of course KungFu.¬† You won’t be disappointed.¬† (pictures attached)

Bruce Lee is watching you

Beef Rice Bowl with Steamed Lettuce


Bruce Lee looks tense





Save On Meats

I’m a little late to the party on this one but hey, I’m a busy guy. Save On Meats is a Vancouver landmark located in the heart of the Downtown East Side, a¬†neighborhood¬†that I don’t frequent due to a¬†pathological¬†fear of bedbugs… After 52 years of serving the people of Vancouver the original meat market closed down in 2009 so owner¬†Al DesLauriers could retire. This past June Save On Meats was¬†resurrected¬†by local businessman and¬†restaurateur¬†Mark Brand. Now operating as a diner, street side sandwich counter and meat market I was pretty excited to see what all the fuss was about.

The sandwich counter is closed on the weekend so I ventured into the diner to get some takeout, the obvious choice being “The Burger”, a $6 bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries. This burger has garnered a ton of positive press and the hype is warranted. Sharp cheddar, thick cut bacon, a fresh hand formed beef patty on a fresh bun with butter lettuce, tomato, mayo and relish, perfect combo. The fries were really tasty too, not the best ever but good. $6 is a crazy good deal for this food, try and find something this good for this little anywhere, you won’t.

The atmosphere in the diner is awesome, a good feeling in an otherwise bleak area. I was asked if I was a cop on my way out the door by a local who seemed to be intoxicated but I’m sure he was just tired from being up all night walking around… If I know most of my readers as well as I think I do I would guess that 70% of you will never go to Save On Meats simply because of its location. Don’t worry about the¬†neighborhood, it’s coming around and places like the new and improved Save On Meats are the key to making the DTES a place worth visiting again.


Random A&W New menu item testing

So I’m sitting at A&W with my coworker today eating a sandwich I had made at home and one of the managers comes up to our table with a tray full of burgers. I thought I was getting tossed for bringing in my own food but she asked if we would like to try one for free, with one catch, we had to fill out a survey telling them our thoughts about this new burger. Um, free burger? Ya I’ll eat it I guess…

The survey indicated that there were 4 types of burgers on the tray, a single, a single with cheese, a double and a double with cheese. I got a single with cheese, which was¬†processed, with mustard, ketchup and the same caramelized onions found on their Prime Rib Uncle Burger. The onions were the best part of this little random freebie, the rest of it was just a cheeseburger, nothing spectacular here. I seems like A&W is trying to come up with a less boring standard burger that doesn’t cost as much as a Teen Burger.

This leaves me with a very thought provoking and somewhat amusing question, what will A&W call this new burger? Most of the family members people can relate to are already in use throughout the A&W burger lineup. This leaves you with some non traditional names to chose from, The Step Dad Burger, The Second Cousin Burger, The Creepy Guy Next Door Burger, or maybe The Guncle Burger?? It would seem A&W has a very daunting task in front of them. The burger family is getting a little full!