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The Greatest Foodie mocking of all time.

This video is the best thing ever. I think that they followed me around on a Saturday night and found a skinnier better looking guy to mock me. Thanks to Raul ( for sharing this on his awesome blog!! This is what we all do, and it’s hilarious.


Save On Meats

I’m a little late to the party on this one but hey, I’m a busy guy. Save On Meats is a Vancouver landmark located in the heart of the Downtown East Side, a neighborhood that I don’t frequent due to a pathological fear of bedbugs… After 52 years of serving the people of Vancouver the original meat market closed down in 2009 so owner Al DesLauriers could retire. This past June Save On Meats was resurrected by local businessman and restaurateur Mark Brand. Now operating as a diner, street side sandwich counter and meat market I was pretty excited to see what all the fuss was about.

The sandwich counter is closed on the weekend so I ventured into the diner to get some takeout, the obvious choice being “The Burger”, a $6 bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries. This burger has garnered a ton of positive press and the hype is warranted. Sharp cheddar, thick cut bacon, a fresh hand formed beef patty on a fresh bun with butter lettuce, tomato, mayo and relish, perfect combo. The fries were really tasty too, not the best ever but good. $6 is a crazy good deal for this food, try and find something this good for this little anywhere, you won’t.

The atmosphere in the diner is awesome, a good feeling in an otherwise bleak area. I was asked if I was a cop on my way out the door by a local who seemed to be intoxicated but I’m sure he was just tired from being up all night walking around… If I know most of my readers as well as I think I do I would guess that 70% of you will never go to Save On Meats simply because of its location. Don’t worry about the neighborhood, it’s coming around and places like the new and improved Save On Meats are the key to making the DTES a place worth visiting again.


The American Cheesesteak Co media tasting event

Five cheesesteaks, three milkshakes, and two ice cream sandwiches. I didn’t know I could eat that much, but I did last week at the American Cheesesteak Company on Davie Street which has only been open for a month. According to the owner Andy, Philadelphia is home to more than 2,000 cheesesteak eateries. He and his team, including The Food Network’s very own Chef Anthony Sedlak, spent a year developing the menu. It turns out that this American classic, complete with Cheese Wiz, has found itself at home in Vancouver’s west end.

Until then, I’d never had a Philly cheesesteak and I went in with the expectation of salty, greasy, stringy beef. I was misguided: totally surprised at the first few bites of The Philly- shaved rib eye seasoned with salt and pepper, and Cheese Wiz on a bun. Really, don’t knock the Wiz until you’ve tried it because it fits. It wasn’t soggy either, which was surprising as the buns are so soft.

I also tried Le Bifteck, The Big Shot, The Cowboy, and The Coppola. Quick breakdown:

Le Bifteck – My favourite. It was the refreshing option with arugula, brie, Dijon, and also with onion jam which is a bit sweet. The flavours are unexpected but really complement each other. My mouth waters when I think about it.



The Big Shot – Immediately I tasted black pepper and cheese. The mushrooms were nicely sautéed. I found the black pepper a little over powering; the rest of the flavours got a little lost.

The Cowboy – It’s the beef answer to pulled pork with lots of spicy barbecue sauce, but I feel it’s a safe choice. You can get pulled pork all over the city, so go for something different such as the The Coppola (see below)



The Coppola – It has nice spicy flavours. Loved the hot banana peppers, not too hot and a bit tangy, balanced nicely with the roasted tomato pieces and provolone. The bun did not hold up so well, maybe this is the one that has to be toasted a bit first, but you have to try this.  

I had the luxury of trying all three flavours of milkshakes. I tried to be unbiased, but the strawberry milkshake was the best. It was thick and creamy, not too sweet, and not too frozen, very drinkable. It was gone before I realized what was happening. For something so simple, not a lot of places can get a milk shake right so I probably should have taken my time and enjoyed that a bit more. Oh well, there is always next time.

Lately the trend seems to be double cooked fries, and they are always golden and crispy. I loved the ACC fries, topped with parsley, parmesan, and garlic and served with Bacon Mayonnaise dipping sauce, this is a decadent treat. Why isn’t everything served with Bacon Mayonnaise? It’s delicious. Seriously good.

And that is where I finished with ice-cream sandwiches. I really liked The American Cheesesteak Co and I’m excited to see where this goes. It was definitely above and beyond my expectations and I’ll be coming back for sure. It’s an easy going, uncomplicated place to eat and I can see why it is busy all the time. Andy and Marty are cool people who know what they’re doing and there is great chemistry with Chef Anthony Sedlak. I have to say, no one in their right mind should try to eat everything I ate, that is a lot of food and a lot of stuff got packed up and taken home to be savoured again. Portions are generous; there is no way that a very hungry person wouldn’t be satisfied with one of these cheesesteaks. Try it and let me know what you think!

You can check them out at and on twitter @thecheesesteak


Savor Soup House – Portland

Soup is not a typical food served from a truck/trailer. It seems like something that wouldn’t work as “street food” given that it’s a liquid, it’s hot and it’s not very portable. Luckily if you decide to go “Food Truckin'” on a weekend in Portland a lot of trucks are closed providing ample eating surfaces and protection from Portland’s Pacific Northwest fall/winter weather.

Savor Soup House is luckily one of the spots open on Saturday and it provided the perfect warm up on a cool rainy day. The obvious choice for those who want to try more than one soup is the $6 soup flight, consisting of decent sized servings of 3 different soups. I went for the Vegan Tomato Fennel and Orange topped with Parmesan and Croutons, the Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice and finished up with the Butternut Squash and Apple Bisque topped with spiced pumpkin seeds.

The Creamy Chicken and wild rice (on the right) was good, loaded with tender chicken, rice and lots of mushrooms and nicely seasoned. The Tomato soup (on the left) was a surprise, the orange added a great citrus kick to it and the croutons were and nice fresh. The Butternut Squash and Apple bisque (center) was amazing, sweet, savory, velvety, rich and the spiced pumpkin seeds were a perfect partner to this delicious soup. Soup on a cold and rainy day is unbeatable, it’s like wrapping yourself in a blanket that came straight out of the drier, so good.

Once again Portland street food has blown me away.


What’s for Lunch BC is headed to Portland!

Lock your liquor cabinets Portland, I’m coming this Friday! That’s right boys and girls, What’s for Lunch BC is headed to America land over the Remembrance Day long weekend for a little R&R! Portland is well known for its restaurant and street food scene as well as it’s craft beer and it just so happens that eating and drinking are 2 of my favorite things!

I’m headed down with some great friends that I don’t get to see often enough due to my ridiculous work schedule and my even more ridiculous social media events calendar. I’m also planning to do this trip on a fairly frugal budget. I’ll be setting myself a daily limit and when it’s gone, I’m done for the day!! I hear you can stretch a dollar pretty far down there though, I guess I’ll find out.

If you want to keep up to date with where I am, what I’m doing and whether I’ve been arrested you can follow me on Twitter @whatsforlunchbc and search for the hashtag #WFLBCinPDX, feel free to wire me bail money, I’ll totally pay you back…


Dinner at Coast / O Lounge

After attending the grand opening for Glowbal Group‘s Black and Blue my dad and I were still hungry so we headed 2 doors down to Coast for some dinner. The food at Black and Blue was great but it wasn’t meant to be dinner, it was a party. Coast is also a Glowbal Group restaurant featuring a menu that’s mainly seafood. The restaurant was packed so we ended up at O Lounge, which is attached to Coast and offers the full menu.

We started with Lobster Claw Tempura that had spicy mayo and a green papaya salad with a soy-ginger vinaigrette. The green papaya salad was nice and the lobster wasn’t over cooked and was tasty with the spicy mayo but on their own they were quite bland. The claw meat was whole and looked great but this dish backs up my long term opinion that lobster is only as good as the condiment it is served with. Next we had the Buttermilk Battered Calamari with smoked garlic aioli (aka mayo). This dish was great, it was cooked perfectly, not rubbery and the rich buttermilk batter had some heat to it, really good.

For my main I had the Sablefish which came with some yummy polenta and steamed seasonal veggies. The fish was delicious, cooked very well and had that awesome buttery texture that Sablefish is known for. I love that the menu tells you where each fish is caught and by what vessel or person. My Sablefish was caught by the Miss Venus captained by Jay Gold. As a side I ordered the famous Glowbal Group Brussel Sprouts found at many of their restaurants. My dad isn’t a fan of Brussel Sprouts but one taste of these crispy parmesan and garlic balls of goodness and he was sold. There was a small incident involving the incredibly small table, my large plate containing my main course and some over exuberant utensil action that resulted in my entire entree ending up on the floor, but our servers were awesome and quickly had a fresh plate infront of me and the mess cleaned up!

Two Glowbal Group restaurants in one night? Life is tough…


Black and Blue Grand Opening Bash!

The Glowbal Group is Vancouver restaurant royalty and they’ve added another jewel to their crown with the addition of their 7th restaurant, Black and Blue, an ultra chic take on the classic steakhouse. Beef aged in a room with a wall made of Himalayan salt, a room with tobacco lined walls that smells incredible, large rooms for private functions and an impressive central bar are definite highlights of the posh design.

The quality of beef in the salt walled aging room is a carnivores dream, aged 28 days before it arrives and then dry aged and on display for all to see. The top of the line wagyu beef is the star of the show, the cattle is fed potatoes for a month to add flavor to the meat and it is very effective, creating a richness unmatched by other top grade beef. The event was fantastic and packed with the who’s who of Vancouver’s food scene. I can’t wait to return and sample the menu on a regular night!

Huge thank you to Emad Yakoub and Shannon Bosa Yakoub for inviting me to be a part of their opening, it was a great night. I’m also thankful I was able to share the evening with my father Dwayne. He’s been in the food business for years and I think he really enjoyed himself.

Check out the pictures!