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Please contact us for review requests, interviews or anything else you want to know about what we do. Be advised that requesting a review does not guarantee a positive review, only good food can guarantee that!!!

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5 responses to “Contact Us

  1. I am a baconbusrger nut where ever I go that has to be on the menu so five guys opens in my hometown rome n y november 1st my sister and i go there thinking ahhhh a burger place good ummmm wrong i will not go bakc the only good experince was the barqs red cream soda no flavor burger it should be called the meat taseted old or cheap the fries were very very greasy the staff behind the counter didnt want to wait while we read the menu the music was so loud the wrokers were loud im 47 yrs old im not a rude person i give credit where and when credit id due no credit was due here i can only hope it gets better i took two tiny bites of my burger and brought it home to my dog i have like a filmy taste in my mouth now i cannot say this was a good experience and i hope in due time it gets better for the people here because this is a small town alot of people are out of work and for the price of the burger youd think the taste would be better the only girl that was nice in the place was the one sweeping the floors while we were eating which i found rude but she was friendly but i didnt think one should sweep while people are eating well good luck in the future

  2. I have been reading about your restaurant in the paper. It said that you have gluten free meals . Do you have gluten free soya sauce ? how about the other sauce is it gluten free. thanks for your help with this I have Celiac and have trouble finding places to eat. antony

    • Hi Anthony,

      I am a restaurant reviewer and do not work for Paul Stirfry so i can’t answer your questions. You can find them on Facebook and on Twitter if you’d like those answers. Or you could go and ask them, they’re awesome guys!!

  3. Hello! First time viewer to the site and I can already tell this will be a good relationship! Good to see someone blogging about food and the like locally. I would consider myself, and several of my friends, “good eaters.” I have done several challenges and had a lot fo fun doing it. Anyways, just saying Hi, and can’t wait to see whats new.

    FYI I commented on the Baselines pub burger challenge…headed to the Hog Shack in Richmond on Friday for another burger challenge!

  4. when you do get the opportunity to come to Abby for vietnamese bring the whole family
    The gig is on me so don’t be shy

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