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Pho Tao Bay – Langley

Pho is a source of heated debate among those who love it. People will swear up and down that their favourite Pho place is better than your favourite Pho place and it quickly escalates into a “my dad can beat up your dad” school yard shouting match. Pho Tao Bay in Langley is probably one of those places I’m going to argue with people about. It’s a contender for top Fraser Valley Pho, right up there with Pho Tam in Whalley, one of the best Pho joints in the GVRD.

I realize this opens me up to great amounts of criticism from the Pho elitist community but I can take it, plus I had my Pho Jedi Master, Sheldon, with me to back me up. I had a large bowl of the rare beef/well done beef with the usual plate of bean sprouts and herbal goodness, I added a TON of hot sauce and chili oil, probably a bad move on the hottest day of the year (sweaty). The beef was tender and awesome, the broth is out of this world, it’s some damn fine Pho yo!

I also had a spring roll, pretty average to be honest but I’ve had way worse. The restaurant itself is that magical kind of “almost unclean” that makes you feel right at home, the service is pretty good for a Vietnamese place and the prices are average.

Go check it out and tell me I’m wrong, I dare you.


Pho Tau Bay – 5790 203 Street, Langley


Rockford Wok/Bar/Grill

Have you ever seen something on a menu and thought WOW, I bet that is amazing! Then when you order it the waitress says WOW, I LOVE that dish!! Both of those things happened to me at Rockford Wok/Bar/Grill in Langley where I was meeting Rochele the Intern and Dylan from the world famous MTAF music blog for lunch.

The company was great, easily two of my favourite people in the whole world, and I brought along my daughter Hayley to provide the cute factor that I have lacked for some time. Then my food showed up. It’s not that it was terrible, it was just not what I expected. I ordered Eggs Benedict Poutine, probably the single most unhealthy sounding dish ever created. Poached egg, Hollandaise sauce, cheese curds, beef gravy and fries. All of those things are in my top 25 “things I eat way to much of” list but, damn, Hollandaise sauce and beef gravy, what was I thinking?!!? Every part of this dish was good, just not together.

One day I’ll learn to read the ingredient list as a whole instead instead of just looking for key words and drool spots, one day.