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Pho Tao Bay – Langley

Pho is a source of heated debate among those who love it. People will swear up and down that their favourite Pho place is better than your favourite Pho place and it quickly escalates into a “my dad can beat up your dad” school yard shouting match. Pho Tao Bay in Langley is probably one of those places I’m going to argue with people about. It’s a contender for top Fraser Valley Pho, right up there with Pho Tam in Whalley, one of the best Pho joints in the GVRD.

I realize this opens me up to great amounts of criticism from the Pho elitist community but I can take it, plus I had my Pho Jedi Master, Sheldon, with me to back me up. I had a large bowl of the rare beef/well done beef with the usual plate of bean sprouts and herbal goodness, I added a TON of hot sauce and chili oil, probably a bad move on the hottest day of the year (sweaty). The beef was tender and awesome, the broth is out of this world, it’s some damn fine Pho yo!

I also had a spring roll, pretty average to be honest but I’ve had way worse. The restaurant itself is that magical kind of “almost unclean” that makes you feel right at home, the service is pretty good for a Vietnamese place and the prices are average.

Go check it out and tell me I’m wrong, I dare you.


Pho Tau Bay – 5790 203 Street, Langley


A Taste of Vietnam

Vietnamese food is awesome. If you have never had it you really are missing out on one of the best cuisines in the world. It can be spicy, savory, sweet, salty, or all of the above at the same time. Most people are familiar with phở, especially if you’ve ever driven along Kingsway, it is a soup made with chicken or some rather sketchy pieces of  beef like tripe and tendon and has rice noodles. The customer adds in things like bean sprouts, Thai basil, lime and as many types of peppers and chili sauces as they can handle. It may be the most perfect soup ever made and has a very strong reputation for bringing people out of a deeply hung over state.

A taste of Vietnam is located at 1016 W Broadway in Vancouver surrounded by residential buildings and other ethnic foodie treasures. We walked by it earlier today and decided it looked like a good lunch stop for a Friday. When we arrived for lunch the place was full except for one table which we took to be a good sign. After being seated I ordered some water and had a look at the menu which was very traditional with a lot of real Vietnamese items.

I ordered one of the lunch combos that came with fried rice with peppers and chicken, 2 beef skewers, a spring roll, green salad with carrots and Thai basil and a little bowl full of fish sauce. Fish sauce is a very subtle flavor that has a hint of sweetness and needs to poured over everything on your plate whenever the opportunity presents itself. The rice was amazing and cooked perfectly with the chicken and peppers adding a little substance. the salad was good with the fish sauce used as a dressing and the beef didn’t suffer from the dryness usually associated with meat on a stick and it had a nice flavor with a hint of soy sauce and of course drizzled with fish sauce. The winner of this plate was the deep-fried spring roll. I’m not sure what was inside it but I’m fairy certain it was awesome. The crispy outsides covered in yummy fish sauce and the inside full of pork and veggies…i figured it out.

The second best part of lunch was when the bill came. Under $9 including a 15% tip. Full belly, full wallet and satisfied taste buds. That’s a win in my books.