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Be’wiched Cafe

You guys know I like Surrey so it’s no surprise that when I find a hidden gem here I have to tell you about it. Be’wiched Cafe is a nondescript looking sandwich shop in a typical suburban strip mall, the same strip mall that houses Big Ridge Brewing Co. It’s modest appearance is in no way a reflection of the food.

I had heard about Be’wiched from a few people but mostly it was my cousin Kurt (author of the Bibo post) who kept telling me I had to go. I did and I’ll definitely be back. I ordered the Cubano Caliente, a spicy twist on the classic Cubano. It had roasted pork, ham, Swiss Cheese on pressed ciabatta. The classic Cubano has pickles but they were replaced by banana peppers hence the “caliete” (spicy) annotation. The pork was great, so was the ham. The bun was crisp and fresh, pressed just the right amount and just soft enough to not fall apart. The peppers added a nice little kick to this classic sandwich, it’s REALLY hard to find a good Cubano in the GVRD, this one might be one of the best.

The sandwich came with a side of Orzo salad which is made fresh, actually almost everything Be’wiched sells is house made, even their meats. The salad was a great version of a traditional pasta salad. I’m seriously impressed with this place.

I’ll be back soon to dig deeper into the menu, stay tuned for another post!

Twitter – @bewichedcafe

Facebook – facebook.com/be.wiched.cafe



Texx Big Burger in Surrey!

Finding new places to eat in Surrey is always awesome! Texx Big Burger is located in a nondescript  strip mall on the corner of 148th street and 108th ave in Bolivar Heights, right between Guildford and Whalley. It was recommended to me by one of my Twitter followers, thanks Anthony! This place is only a few months old and when I visited it was pretty empty, time to give them a little press!

You order by grabbing an ordering sheet and a pencil from the counter, you check off what burger you want, what you want on it and what sides/drink you want. Bring your filled out sheet back to the counter and start your countdown to a very full stomach.

I ordered the double bacon cheeseburger with red relish, mayo, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, lettuce, green peppers and pickles and a “regular” sized order of fries. This is a damn good burger, VERY similar to Five Guys. The beef is hot, fresh and juicy, the bacon is fresh and cooked just right, the toppings are awesome and the bun is great!

The similarities between Texx and Five Guys carries over into the french fry department, they fill the regular sized container up and then pile a bunch more into your brown paper bag making you dig for your burger. The fries are hand cut in house and quite good.

The food is where the Five Guys comparisons stop though. I found the customer service to be a little…lacking in enthusiasm, ahem. I asked the woman at the counter how long they’d been open and she snapped back “over three months or something” and walked away. I found out later she’s one of the owners! But the food is good enough to bring me back despite the unfriendly staff.

Go check this place out!


Belle’s on Thirty Two

Tucked away in an part of South Surrey that most people have probably never been to, Belles on 32 is another hidden gem located amongst some amazing suburban properties. I found Belle’s on Twitter while looking for places to go visit on behalf of Beerthirst, it turns out my parents have been there and liked it a lot. I set up a meeting with General Manager Budd Kerfoot, rounded up some beer samples and headed to South Surrey.

After a nice meeting and a very well received beer sampling session, I decided to order dinner. I started with the Calamari which was nice thick strips cut from the squids mantle, the part that normally provides ring shaped calamari. The squid was cooked well, not rubbery and nicely seasoned. On the menu it’s called “Crisp Calamari” but the batter wasn’t really that crisp to be honest, not that it wasn’t good, just not crisp. The spring onion and garlic aioli was tasty and well suited for dipping.

For my main I had the Braised Shortrib Sandwich with Caesar salad. The sandwich was fantastic. The Shortrib meat was loaded with flavour and had obviously been slow cooked for a long time. The brioche bun it came on was awesome, dark and slightly crisp crust surrounding a pillow of airy bread, so good. It had white cheddar, arugula and garlic aioli on it as well, one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. The Caesar salad was very nice too, fresh lettuce,  a nice house made dressing packed with garlic and a little fresh squeezed lemon.

Budd and the rest of the staff at Belle’s are really nice people and they’re doing a great job in my favourite city. South Surrey is making some noise on the food scene these days, watch out Vancouver!

For the record, Belle’s paid for my dinner but that didn’t make it taste any better. It was already very good.