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Tasty Indian Bistro

The Scott Road corridor serves as the border between Surrey and North Delta. On almost every block you’ll find an Indian restaurant if not 2 or 3 all with amazing authentic dishes and great people but there’s something missing that would make them appeal to the masses. Tasty Indian Bistro, located at 8295 120th street (Scott Road) which is on the Delta side (damn, could’ve been a Surrey shoutout). offers décor that is stunning and very unexpected.

As you approach the front entrance you can tell this isn’t your usual Indian joint, there’s a large well decorated patio and some very expensive looking polished stone under your feet. Once inside you’re greeted by a modern warm restaurant with dramatic lighting and high quality finishes throughout. Sadly I didn’t stay long because I had ordered take-out but I’ll be back soon to see if the presentation of the food lives up to the décor.

I ordered some plain Jasmine rice, regular naan, garlic nann, some vegetarian samosas, butter chicken and lamb korma. Everything was top shelf, the samosas are just like the ones my high school friends used to bring for lunch back in my Surrey high school days. Both naans were fantastic, the garlic naan was mild enough that it didn’t overpower the bread as is the case in other Indian places. The butter chicken (somewhere Vikram Vij is reading this cursing butter chicken…) was tremendously good, so rich. with a subtle heat that seems to be left out of butter chicken these days. The lamb korma was orgasmic, the lamb was so perfect I cried a little and the sauce is so decadent, it’s a perfect combo. Also my wife “thinks” she doesn’t like lamb so I got to eat it all!

If you like Indian food but want a more upscale dinning experience this is the place for you. The prices are very reasonable and comparable to other less swanky Indian restaurants. Go check them out!


Tap Restaurant

You guys all know how much I love Surrey. I grew up here, I still live here and I’m raising a family here and wouldn’t have it any other way. My only real knock against Surrey is the lack of really good local restaurants. Tap Restaurant, located in an out of the way suburban neighborhood in South Surrey has truly blown my mind. After a great conversation with Executive Chef Alistair Veen I am happy to say that Tap is on par with the best of the best downtown restaurants in quality, execution, passion and creativity.

Let’s talk about the food. I sampled 2 appetizers, A day boat giant sea scallop with sake and garlic and Parmesan risotto with white truffle oil. The scallop was cooked very well, not overdone at all and seasoned very nicely. It’s a 3 or 4 bite scallop depending on your oral cavity measurements (probably a 2 biter for me and my huge face hole) and it’s really great. The Risotto was also really good, the saltiness of the Parmesan cheese and the delicious earthiness of the white truffle oil with a little cracked black pepper, so good. It was cooked just right too, no cream added to this one, I guarantee it. Good food done right, what more can you ask for? I also sampled the butternut squash soup and the lobster bisque, both amazing.

For my main I was persuaded, which is quite easy, into trying the Pemberton Meadows 10oz blackened Ribeye. I ordered it medium rare and it was absolutely  perfect, the blacking spices were rich, not overly salty and the beef was almost fork tender. It came with some roasted Yukon Gold potatoes, green beans and roasted golden beets. I love beets, I don’t care if you don’t like them, you probably haven’t tried one in years because you think you don’t like them. Do yourself a favor and eat some beets, you’ll be happy you did.

For dessert I had a Chocolate Crunch bar, it was good but they teased me with creme brule and then told me it hadn’t set properly…heart break. Regular readers will no doubt know of my love of creme brule, there’s always next time.

Tap Restaurant is everything you could want in a restaurant, great atmosphere, awesome service and food to back it up. Chef Alistair Veen totally gets what Surrey is screaming for and he’s giving it to them and he’s a really awesome guy as well! If you’re looking for somewhere different and awesome to watch the Superbowl they’re doing a spit roasted pig and a chili competition, go check it out!! Check out my Twitter feed and you could win a $100 Gift Card to try out Tap for yourself!


The hottest wings in town…for real

A few weeks ago I decided kind of last minute that I wanted to catch the Canucks game at a pub. What pub you ask? Why Big Ridge Brewing Company of course! I’m a big fan of Big Ridge for a lot of reasons, good beer, good food and my latest discovery, the hottest wings I’ve had in a looooong time, maybe even the hottest wings I’ve ever had. The scary part is that they were “Level 4” and I’m pretty sure there’s a “Level 5″…

Executive Chef Charlie Yang is a wizard of spice, I sampled his level 1 hot sauce with an order of butter chicken which was fantastic. It adds a nice mild heat that lingers in the mouth but adds flavor to an already very good Indian dish. Charlie was actually born in Calcutta and says this is where he spice pallet comes from. We asked if he had anything hotter and he brought us a small sample of his level 3 on a spoon. It had amazing flavor with a hint of star anise and the heat was intense but bearable.

Many drinks later and after being called a few names by the girls sitting beside us at the bar my cousin Kurt and I decided to take Charlie up on his offer of level 4 wings. The level 4 isn’t a sauce, it’s a dry rub which is 70% Ghost Chili, the hottest (well, second hottest, apparently) pepper in the world. To put it in perspective a Jalapeno pepper is somewhere between 3,500–8,000 Scoville units (the scale by which spicy peppers are graded) and the Ghost Chili, also know as the Bhut Jolokia chili pepper, is between 855,000 and 1.5 million Scoville units…so for those keeping score that’s at the very least 106 times hotter than a Jalapeno pepper.

Kurt and I both ate 2 wings very quickly and one of our “encouagers” stepped up to the plate and ate one as well. The heat is intense right off the bat and intensifies quickly. I would say that it took about 10-15 minutes for the heat to start to fade. The crazy thing is I actually considered having another one because they were really good! The
thing about stuff this hot is the weird things it does to your body, you almost feel high or like you’ve drank 100 Red Bulls because your endorphin levels go WAY up, and of course there’s the sweaty head thing…magnified by my Skinheadia (Folicular impairment).

Next time you go to Big Ridge make sure you sit at the bar, ask if Charlie is there and get some hot sauce on the side of whatever you’re eating, it’s all awesome. Just make sure you know what you’re doing when the shots come out and people start egging you on to try level 4, it hurts, but it hurts so good.


Charley’s Grilled Subs

What’s better than a day spent with your daughter at the mall buying coffee for your new coffee maker and stocking up on craft beer at Surrey’s best beer and wine store? Finding out that a little place my buddy Kevin has been raving about for years is as good as promised. Charley’s Grilled Subs is located in the food court of Surrey’s Central City shopping mall, home to a beautiful SFU campus and the iconic Central City Tower. Grilled subs in a Whalley food court, really Scott, that’s what you’re telling us to eat?? Yep, I am, and you should thank me in advance.

Charley’s is an unimpressive place that looks like it belongs in a food court, it blends in with the rest of the usual cast of characters but don’t be deceived, the sandwiches are great. After doing a little research I discovered Charley’s has been around for over 20 year with lots of locations throughout America and the Surrey location is the sole Canadian franchise! Prices are no more that you would pay at Subway or Quizno’s but the sandwiches are in a whole different league.

I had the Philly Cheesesteak, which isn’t a “true” Philly Cheesesteak but who cares. Loads of tender well seasoned beef, melted provolone, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a fresh toasted roll. Simple and awesome, with decent fries (which Hayley ate most of :-/) this is a good meal in a sea of food court mediocrity.

Hop on the Skytrain and take a trip to somewhere you thought you’d never go, and while you’re there maybe your pre-conceived opinions about the neighborhood and it’s people will fall in line with reality. Whalley, it’s coming of age.


Help me get a tour of the new Port Mann Bridge!!

I commute everyday from Surrey to Burnaby and can’t wait for the new Port Mann Bridge to be completed. I recently asked to tour the bridge so I can take some photos and write a piece for Surreyisthebomb.com. I was told ” Thx for your interest! Safety is our top priority therefore access to the construction site is restricted to workers & staff” by the Twitter account representing the project.

As someone who builds and repairs 40 story elevators for a living I am probably over qualified to be on that construction sight. The Premier and the Mayor of Surrey are apparently qualified but not me?

Come on people, let’s be realistic here!! If anyone knows who I can contact to make this happen please let me know.


Booze Reviews – Russell Brewing Company Brewmaster Series

Craft beer, really good craft beer, has been the sole property of the Pacific coast of the good old USA for a few years now. Enough hops to punch you in the face from the inside, Porters darker than night time at Mount St. Helens and every other bizarre infusion your could imagine have become commonplace in Washington. Oregon and Northern California. Canada has been left in the dust by a nation known for Bud Light and spray cheese.

Russel Brewing Company, located in Surrey, has posted a serious challenge to the supremacy of the Pacific North West of America with its Brewmaster Series. The only issue with these wonderfully crafted bottles and kegs filled with liquid gold is that they are limited quantity. From the Blood Alley ESB to the Black Death Porter every beer in this series is outstanding. My personal favorite is the Guuud! Ale designed specifically Kitanoya-Guu Izakaya restaurants as a palate cleanser.

Like I said these beers are limited quantity releases and are available at select private liquor stores including Central City in Surrey and Legacy Liquor Store in the athletes village. Get them before they’re gone, or contact Russell and demand they be put into full production!!!



Booze Reviews! Cocktails in a can

It’s a good thing when 2 days after a conversation about whether cocktails in a can exist they show up on your kitchen counter. They may not be the exact kind I was looking for but Jack Daniels and cola along with Jack Daniels and lemonade are close enough to the rum and cola that I was searching for. Why haven’t these pre-made drinks in a can existed until now? I don’t know but I’m glad they’re here.

Jack Daniels, as I’m sure most of you know, is a Tennessee Whiskey which is a type of bourbon made in…wait for it…Tennessee!! The Jack Daniels brand is arguably the most well known type of Tennessee Whisky and is very popular among the mixed drink crowd. The canned version of the popular JD and cola tastes just like it would if you mixed it yourself and a can comes in at a healthy 6% abv. There are 2 minor issues I have with this beverage, the first being that it was a little flat. I’m not sure what would cause the lack of carbonation but it would do this drink wonders. The second issue is that back when I was a young lad, in my early 20’s, I got sloppy drunk on JD and cola at the now defunct Marble Arch Gentleman’s Club and ever since I’ve had a problem with JD in general. The fact that I enjoyed this drink means that my aversion is weakening or I’m getting old.

The JD and lemonade was flat as well but that’s ok because lemonade is supposed to be flat. Overall these canned drinks surprised me with their apparent quality and lack of the chemical taste that plagues coolers and “hard” lemonades. I could see this replacing beer in my cooler on hot days at the cabin or playing softball because it’s more refreshing and less filling.

Yay for Booze Reviews!!!